Haemodialysis is the most common dialysis method used worldwide to treat kidney failure patients. For a layman haemodialysis is a procedure wherein a highly advanced machine is used to filter out excess salts, wastes and fluids from patients’ blood once their kidneys stop performing their task adequately.

Haemodialysis Healthcare Team

Haemodialysis procedure is a serious responsibility but patients at 7Med kidney care centers do not need to worry. They can shoulder this responsibility along with our healthcare team. The healthcare team at each of 7Med kidney care centers include a Nephrologist, Qualified & experienced Dialysis Technicians & Nurses and our counselors.

4 Hour Dialysis – Time To Refresh

At 7Med Kidney Care Centers you can use your 4 hours to watch your favorite television programs, read magazines & books, play Sudoku or listen to your favorite music numbers. All these services are available at each of our Kidney Care Centers.

Haemodialysis For Positive Patients

Haemodialysis patient with sero positive blood face difficulty to get quality dialysis center to rely upon. Samarth healthcare pays special attention to the requirements of such patients’ needs and follows strict clinical protocols to ensure zero cross infection amongst patients.

Sustained low efficiency dialysis (SLED) is used as a renal replacement modality in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury (AKI) and hemodynamic instability.

Online haemodiafiltration or online HDF, is a renal replacement therapy which is used in the intensive care setting. In online HDF Ultrapure dialysate is used as substitution fluid which allows exchange of large amount of fluids during the treatment hence achieving a dialysis which resembles the natural function of the kidney more closely.

It is usually used to treat acute kidney injury (AKI), but may be of benefit in multiple organ dysfunction syndrome or sepsis.

AV Fistula Creation

The best type of long-term access is an AV fistula. A surgeon connects an artery to a vein, usually in your arm, to create an AV fistula. The AV fistula has a large diameter that allows your blood to flow out and back into your body quickly. The goal is to allow high blood flow so that the largest amount of blood can pass through the dialyzer.

It is usually used to treat acute kidney injury (AKI), but may be of benefit in multiple organ dysfunction syndrome or sepsis.

Home Haemodialysis

samarth healthcare gears up to help patients who are interested to continue their dialysis program at Home. Home Haemodialysis would require patients to go through a detailed training program to manage their dialysis sessions at home. Our team is gearing up to soon come up with a Home Haemodialysis program to support willing patients.
Patients will also get assistance in identifying right dialysis machines, AAMI standard RO plants, dialysis record management for patients along with 24×7 support from our clinical team.

Kidney Diet

Kidney Failure patients face dilemma when it comes to dietary restrictions as they need to follow a very strict diet which leaves them with limited options. Our Dieticians help patients understand why dietary restrictions are needed, what they can eat and how they can manage their food intake as per their individual requirements.

we believe in becoming best care partner of our patients. When it comes to a responsible partnership we are very keen to provide appropriate knowledge to the patients and enable them to take care of their health better.
Our Patient Education Program helps patients in understanding nuances of dialysis and living a healthy lifestyle on dialysis. Our belief is that not just efficient dialysis but patient’s self-care plays an important role when it comes to leading a better life with renal failure and our patient education program is designed keeping this in mind.

Book an Appointment for Home Dialysis setup & You’re Done!

Even if you are currently receiving dialysis treatment in-center, home dialysis could still be an option for you. Speak with your doctor candidly about your interest in home dialysis. Ask about the potential benefits and any medical risks, as well as your treatment options and how your choice could affect your lifestyle and overall health. If you are currently treating on dialysis, learn more


  • The ability to dialyze in the comfort of home
  • Greater ability to travel
  • Better transplant success rate2
  • Shorter recovery time after treatments2
  • Fewer medications required3
  • Better blood pressure control5
  • Improved sleep reported6

Enhance your quality of life by dialyzing at home. Learn about home dialysis by speaking with a SAMERTH HEALTHCARE representative.